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Where is the brand from?
Altearah Bio is from a small town called Bellegarde (“beautiful look-out”) in the South of France. Our laboratory and HQ offices sit in the Mas Neuf, a 200 year old Provencal farmhouse at the heart of the natural beauty of the Camargue; surrounded by vines, sunflowers, roses, and lavender fields.

Do I choose my product based on the colour or the emotion?

Both! At any time, you could be in need of an emotion, Freshness but also for the colour, Green. Follow your instincts and your first reaction: choose based on what emotion or colour attracts your attention first.

How long does the perfume last?

Our product is a perfume to feel, not to wear. Based on the concentration of essential oils, our Parfums are Eau de Parfums, meaning that they linger longer than Eau de Toilettes. But because of the intention that our products are a moment of well-being for yourself, and not for the pleasure of others, it will evaporate sooner than a regular perfume that you use on a daily basis to smell good.

What is the face range concept?

Our face range is completely personalisable to your skin type and needs. Created with Neuro-Active ingredients, super-ingredients, and floral and fruit waters, all of our products adapt to any skin type. The nutrients of the products travel down to the basal level of the skin and re-educate it to return to optimum youthful production of collagen, elastin, fibrillin and enzymes, and do so whilst also harnessing the emotional and energetic synergies of our aromas.

What are Neuro-Active ingredients?

Neuro-Active agents support neurotransmitters and help to encourage communication between nerve endings. We have used natural Neuro-Active ingredients to encourage and strengthen cellular communication in the skin for healthier skin.

How do I know that a product is right for my skin type?

Our products are adaptable to your skin type. Check out our Skin Quiz or call 04 399 5930 to learn more about our products and get a personalised recommendation.

What happens if I can’t decide which colour to choose?

Look at the colours, quick! Choose where do your eyes go first!

Which product should I try to learn about Altearah?

Definitely try out our Parfums de Soin. They are our flagship product for a reason! The unique blends of essential oils give each Parfum de Soin a breadth of mental and emotional benefits specific to the user’s needs of the moment. Whether you’re feeling demotivated, scattered or exhausted, find your solution in one of our synergies.

Help, I think I’m allergic to Essential Oils!

No problems! Our Nutritive Oil is based entirely on the most beneficial vegetable oils of the world, and made for people just like you! It’s the perfect alternative if you’re allergic to essential oils.

Are there any allergens in the products?

Check out the ‘composition’ tab on each product page to see if there are any allergens for the product.

Is the brand actually ‘natural’ and ‘organic’?

Absolutely! Our entire brand is CERTIFIED organic, natural and cruelty free by globally recognized certifying bodies: Ecocert, Slow Cosmetique and OneVoice. More than that, our entire production process meets the strictest regulations for organic and natural ingredients, and we are regularly audited twice a year to ensure every single product we produce is trustworthy in the days of greenwashing.

I’m pregnant, can I use the products?

Generally, it is advised to avoid essential oils during the first trimester of pregnancy. Try out our Nutritive Oil, which has no essential oil content and was made specifically for pregnant moms, babies and children. 🙂

Can I use the products while breast-feeding?

Yes for the Face Range! For the other products, it’s all about how you feel, but we’d stray away from essential oils. Check-in with your doctor and confirm if they advise one way or another!

Are the products safe for my children?

Yes, all the products are safe for children! We generally recommend to refrain from using Concentrates on children due to the essential oil content. If you’re worried, check out the Nutritive Oil, which is an organic vegetable oil blend, safe for expectant moms and newborns for their baby massages.

What kind of alcohol do you use in the perfumes?

We use pure, undenatured wheat alcohol to manufacture our Parfums de Soin in the traditional French perfumery process, without chemical denaturing molecules. It’s organic too!

Chemical parabens?

Nope! We don’t use any parabens in our products.

There’s a problem with my order!

Oh no! We’re so sorry about that. Call us at 04 399 5930 or shoot us an email at info@altearah.ae and we’ll sort it out.

How did this concept start?

A mission, research and lots of hard work!

Can I return/exchange my products?

Read about our return, refund and exchange policy here.

I didn’t like the smell of my product – but it was the colour/emotion I needed in the moment, what does that mean?

It’s a sticking point. Whenever our body rejects a scent, an idea, or an emotion, it’s because we haven’t given it time to reconcile just yet. The idea behind our products is to push you towards a positive emotion that your body craves, but it may take a bit of time.

Do the Altearah products promise medical or physiological results?  

All of our products are based on essential oils, which are known to have a whole set of unique and beneficial properties, but we can’t promise any medical or physiological changes or outcomes. We’re not in the ‘doctor’ business, but we can help you to balance, and give yourself a taste of emotional well-being.