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  • Posted on June 24, 2021
  • Published by Altearah Bio

Wellness experts are putting the ‘Halo’ in Halotherapy. Here’s why.


Halo-therapy or Salt therapy is more than just a new fad in the world of wellness.

Although the health benefits of salts play a crucial part in determining physical health, they also have a key significance in emotional wellness. We wouldn’t want to bore you with the technicalities of why salts are biologically important, but the reality of the matter is- they play a far more superior role in the world of holistic well-being and reconnection. And no, this doesn’t just apply to your senseis’ and “insta-gurus”, we’re talking about everyone in need of an emotional reconnection with their environment. Which during the pandemic, by the majority, is most of us.

As the name suggests, Salt therapy or ‘Halo therapy’ is a form of wellness which includes the usage of crystalline, granulated salts for its dermatological & respiratory benefits. The origins of this therapeutic treatment stems from Poland, after a polish doctor, Dr. Feliks Boczkowski, took notice of salt miners who appeared to have no respiratory issues or ailments after long strenuous hours of work.

What turned out to be an observational instinct, has now turned into the new ‘go-to’ for many wellness enthusiasts and experts. Designed to alleviate, cleanse and rejuvenate the body, these caves have been known for promoting respiratory wellness in Asthmatic patients across the globe. Infused with Himalayan salts from the foothills of the epic mountain ranges in Pakistan, these caves and salts provide a solitary haven for reflection and mental awareness.


But the benefits don’t just stop there.

The composition of these salts consist of ions that further balances the pH of your skin. Thanks to the naturally occurring trace minerals in Himalayan Pink Salt, it helps elevate the skin’s natural composition. Although the skin already has its own organic mechanisms to balance out our pH levels, factors such as stress, extended sun exposure, or over-washing with soaps can throw your pH level out of balance. Healthy, glowing skin is only possible when everything is in equilibrium!

These Himalayan salts also help in targeting Acne flares and scars.

The trace minerals found in Himalayan Pink Salt gives it natural antiseptic properties. This means that by scrubbing your skin regularly with the salt, any impurities and bacteria involved in hyperpigmentation will be destroyed, thus preventing any infections and acne breakouts.


Looking to give ‘Halo-therapy’ a go? Here are a few emotional wellness product recommendations from Team Altearah Bio:

  1. The Altearah Bio Essential Salts & Salt Scrubs. Ensure that you find your own synergy with our colour quiz before moving forward with our organic aromatherapy body scrub. Offered in a 900 g tub format, the Bath Salt exists in 7 synergies, or 7 colours. With 100% of ingredients coming from natural origin and 100% of total ingredients produced through organic farming, ours is a product you can trust in the age of greenwashing.
  2. The Emerald-Oxygen* Bath Salt helps in reconnecting with oneself, to take a break, and to help get over feeling overwhelmed.
  3. The White-Purity* Bath Salt helps in clarifying ones senses with transparency, and to ease overwhelming feelings of confusion.
  4. The Orange-Creativity* Bath Salt helps to tap onto our maternal energy, which enriches us and helps us to feel fulfilled.
  5. The Turquoise-Serenity* Bath Salt transports us to our own place of serenity, to feel liberated and to find tranquility.
  6. The Royal Purple-Energy* Bath Salt restores our ties to our roots to live life with greater vitality and pleasure.
  7. The Silver-Repair* Bath Salt is your personal armor to gather and re-adjust yourself after shock, stress or difficulty.
  8. The Gold-Confidence* Bath Salt calms us from self-doubt as a reminder of our personal strength and charm.

Altearah Bio knows that the key to wellness can be found within you. Our emotions are the key to well-being, and through a unique and innovative combination of super-ingredients, actives, essential oils and colours, Altearah creates the personalisable tool you need to transform and grow into a more balanced and beautiful you!

We see you as more than a skin type and believe that you deserve to feel authentically beautiful. We create more than beauty products, we create ethical cosmetics to harmonise your emotions and let your inner beauty radiate.

Our Company: One Colour, One Emotion.

Altearah is your solution from nature to feel good. Our cosmetic range ethically and innovatively combines natural ingredients to create unique synergies: each a promise of emotional well-being. The products are composed of 100% natural essential oils and are certified natural, organic and respectful of man and the environment thanks to several labels and guarantees of quality. With our concept based on chromotherapy, aromatherapy and olfactotherapy, experience Altearah and bring well-being to your life.