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  • Posted on June 21, 2021
  • Published by Altearah Bio



Placed in the heart of a 160-acre contemporary polo estate, MELIA Desert Palm is a 5-star hotel ideal for Dubai residents and tourists seeking a restful staycation or vacation destination. Whether you find yourself in need of a wellness sanctuary or a lush serenity of relaxation, MELIA encompasses the best of both worlds.

Altearah Bio is proud to announce MELIA as an esteemed client for its equally gorgeous Samana spa for face and body treatments. As Altearah continues to traverse through a journey of holistic wellness and mental rejuvenation, we are delighted to bring our organic and all-natural concepts at the forefront of health and beauty within the region.

Emotional Wellness Products UAE

From ‘Build your confidence’ Yoga events to Olfactive Rituals, we are determined to bring chromotherapy, aromatherapy and emotive solutions to those in need of reinvigoration and reconnection with their body, mind and soul.

Using the colours Gold-Confidence*, Orange-Creativity* & Turquoise-Serenity*, the event facilitated a safe space of rejuvenation and relaxation, all whilst tapping into one’s sacral core. With a focus on liberating the mind, body and soul, our holistically driven products reflected the ambiance of the 3 colours, 3 emotions and 3 aromas throughout the entirety of the event.

Altearah Bio Melia Desert Palm Dubai

Curious to learn more? You can now book your own personalized colour therapy face and body treatment at Samana Spa & at the MELIA Desert Palm fitness studio for that added boost of energy.

Altearah Bio knows that the key to wellness can be found within you. Our emotions are the key to well-being, and through a unique and innovative combination of super-ingredients, actives, essential oils and colours, Altearah creates the personalisable tool you need to transform and grow into a more balanced and beautiful you!

We see you as more than a skin type and believe that you deserve to feel authentically beautiful. We create more than beauty products, we create ethical cosmetics to harmonise your emotions and let your inner beauty radiate.

Our Company: One Colour, One Emotion.

Altearah is your solution from nature to feel good. Our cosmetic range ethically and innovatively combines natural ingredients to create unique synergies: each a promise of emotional well-being. The products are composed of 100% natural essential oils and are certified natural, organic and respectful of man and the environment thanks to several labels and guarantees of quality. With our concept based on chromotherapy, aromatherapy and olfactotherapy, experience Altearah and bring well-being to your life.